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Student Scholars Present Papers in San Juan, Puerto Rico


From left: Dr. Michael Siepel, Mrs. Myung Ja Roh, Dr. Chang Shub Roh, Mathew Kenny, Salman Samiul Haque, and Ana Delgadillo

Roh Scholars Recognized at the 20th Annual Conference

Three students from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania benefitted from the Dr. and Mrs. Chang Shub Roh Global Awareness Scholarship which is administered through the Bloomsburg University Foundation and is awarded to students presenting papers at G.A.S.I. annual conferences. Recipients were:

Matthew V. Kenny for the paper, "Human and Technological Progression"

Salman Samiul Haque for the paper, "Mortification: Gaia"

Ana Delgadillo for the paper, "Intercultural Communication: Case Study of Columbia"

Gabriele Dow, Christa DiLorenzo, Melissa Marin

Crown Products Corporation Grant

A generous donation from Mr. Kee H. Lee of the Crown Products Corporation of Metairie, Louisiana helped three St. John's University Students attend the San Juan, Puerto Rico conference where they conducted a panel entitled, "Social Media in Conflict Zones"

Rebecca Bishop, Mergim Cahani, Sarah Oliphant

Leland Stanford McKeeman Global Awareness Scholars

This year three students benefitted from the generousity of the friends and family of Leland Stanford McKeeman by being recipeints of travel grant schoalrships that allowed the to attend the 20th annual conference. Each student submitted an abstract for their paper to a committee headed by Dr. Michael Seipel of Brigham Young University. Papers selected for presentation were:

  • Rebecca Bishop of Brigham Young University with paper, “Public Awareness of Human Trafficking in Europe: How Concerned Are European Citizens?”

  • Mergim Cahani of St. John’s University with paper, “The Republic of Kosovo: Surviving, Sustaining, and Succeeding in the Balkan States”

  • Sarah Oliphant of The Catholic University of America with paper, “Human Trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Haiti: A Social Development Approach”