International Faculty Association




Many years ago, when the number of international faculty at the university would not exceed the number of fingers on both hands, two great individuals felt the need for an organization that could foster the spirit of globalism on campus and provide a helping hand to the faculty and the university community as a whole towards achieving the goal of internationalizing the curricula. One of those individuals, Dr. Tej Saini is no longer with us and we pray for his soul. The other, Dr. Chang Shub Roh, has tirelessly continued to work for this goal. The organization became active and for several years served as an avenue for bridging the gap between the university and the world.
In April of this year, when Dr. Roh and Dr. Pomfret suggested the idea of reviving the organization, many of us who were here during the inception of IFA and several interested new faculty welcomed the idea. We are now at a point that we have established the new IFA and are moving forward. Our work is not only addressing the challenges of today but also preparing for tomorrow by expanding and protecting the legitimate interests of our members and by proposing lasting and comprehensive ideas to the curriculum that internationalize our system.

- Dr. Mehdi Razzaghi, former President of IFA

- Dr. Amarilis Hidalgo de Jesus, President of IFA,