Harveys Lake

Harveys Lake is a borough in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Harveys Lake Road is the famous road that encricles the lake. It is named after Benjamin Harvey, a Plymouth and West Nanticoke settler who founded the borough in 1781 and was a member of the Sons of Liberty, an eminent colonial-era group that eventually defeated the notion of Great Britain's Stamp Act. The population was 2,888 at the 2000 census.

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There are no public access points for SCUBA diving on Harveys Lake. If you cannot get permission from someone who owns property on the lake, then you need to dive from a boat--which is the best way to dive anyway!

Visibility tends to be around ten feet, usually. But it has been as bad as five feet and as good as fifteen feet in shallower water on a sunny day.

The attraction of Harveys for diving?

Directions: Here's one way to get there.

  1. From Bloomsburg drive north on 487 for about 24.6 miles, until you reach PA-118.
  2. Turn right on to PA-118
  3. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto PA-118. 12.8 miles
  4. Turn LEFT onto LOYALVILLE RD. 0.1 miles
  5. Turn RIGHT onto MEEKER OUTLET RD. 2.3 miles
  6. MEEKER OUTLET RD becomes LEHMAN OUTLET RD. 0.4 miles
  7. LEHMAN OUTLET RD becomes OUTLET RD. 0.5 miles
  8. Turn LEFT onto PA-415. Or turn right onto PA-415. This is the road that goes around the lake.
The boat launch is on the end of the northwest branch of this "T" or "J"-shaped lake.