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New Faculty Institute

The next Institute is tentatively scheduled for 3-6 August 2015 in the TALE Center, 419 Andruss Library. To determine if it will be held, please contact Dr. Robert Gates.

Bloomsburg University prides itself on being a "teaching university." Most of us have dedicated our graduate careers to becoming experts in our discipline, yet we are rarely afforded time and resources to explore teaching at the university level. In August, TALE sponsors the New Faculty Institute to create an opportunity to exchange teaching ideas with the added benefit of learning more about BU. The New Faculty Institute is a group of workshops and seminars on a variety of topics that new participants can apply to their teaching. Newly hired, full-time faculty who are either temporary or tenure-track participate. Participants receive professional development money that they can apply to conference travel or the purchase of teaching-related materials (the award amount is pro-rated on the number of days that you participate); a certificate of participation for their portfolios; and Linda Nilson's book, Teaching at its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors (3rd edition).

NFI Participants August 2014 New Faculty Institute Participants
Click here for the August 2014 Agenda
(not pictured: Todd Hastings, Amelia Garbisch, Mindy Andino, Shanna Smith)
Mindy Andino, College Student Affairs Program David Fazzino, Anthropology
Amelia Garbisch, Music, Theater, and Dance Sharlene Gilman, Development Instruction
Todd Hastings, Nursing R. Lynn Hummell, Instructional Technology
Lauren MacKenzie, Communication Studies Timothy Oleksiak, Coordinator, Writing in the Disciplines
James Petre, Communication Studies Matthew Polinski, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Renee Purcell, Nursing Matthew Ricker, Environmental, Geographic, and Geologic Sciences
Kelly Roth, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice Shelley Scarpino, Audiology and Speech Pathology
Shavonne Shorter, Communication Studies Shanna Smith, English
Photo of participants August 2013 New Faculty Institute Participants
Click here for the August 2013 Agenda
(not pictured: Alla Myzelev, Erin Militzer, Loren Selznick, and Erven Eryilmaz)
Archita Banik, Economics Matt Benander, Math, Statistics  & Computer Science
George Chavez, Psychology Craig Dalton, EGGS
Denise Davidson, Counseling and College Affairs Erven Eryilmaz, ITM
Christina Force, BE/ITM Marisa Huerta, Academic Advising
Nakul Kumar, Economics Lawrence Kilgus, BE/ITM
Candice Klingerman, Biological & Allied Health Sciences Ron Lambert, Art & Art History
MaryJo Larcom, Psychology Eric Lesneskie, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
Erin Militzer, Math, Statistics  & Computer Science Alla Myzelev, Art & Art History
Phil Rippke, Communication Studies Beth Rogowsky, EC & AE
Nancy Schott, Management William Schwindinger, Biological & Allied Health Sciences
Loren Selznick, Business Law Hayden Wimmer, ITM
NFI Participants August 2012 New Faculty Institute Participants
Click here for the August 2012 Agenda.
Soumendra Banerjee, Economics Charisse Baldoria, Music, Theater, and Dance
Angelo Costanzo, English Elaine Davies, Communication Studies
Brent House, English Shereen Kader, Early Childhood and Adolescent Education
Jihyun Kim, Communication Studies Kuo-Hao (Howard) Lee, Finance
Brooke Lylo, Exceptionality Mary Nagy, Communication Studies
Beverly Natividad, Communication Studies & Frederick Douglass Scholar Kelly Tenzek, Communication Studies
April Trometter, Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Lisa Von Koch, Art and Art History
Wei-Jen Hsieh, Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Dong Zhang, Math, Computer Science, and Statistics