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TALE Teaching Tips are short pieces written by Bloomsburg University faculty and will be released periodically. If you have a Teaching Tip to share, contact the TALE Director.

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Journals about Teaching in Higher Education Available through Andruss Library: General and Discipline-Specific Categories

Journals about Issues in Higher Education available through Andruss Library

Recommended Readings about the Purpose of Higher Education

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: What's it all about?

Description: "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the study of teaching and learning and the communication of findings so that a body of knowledge can be established." The benefits of SoTL? Through the scholarly investigation of teaching and a review of the literature, you can improve your teaching and student learning. We compel ourselves to question our assumptions about what is working and not working in the classroom. And we have a responsibility to our colleagues to "contribute to the body of knowledge about effective teaching" through presentations and publications. Learn more from the authors of Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Beth Dietz-Uhler and Cathy Bishop Clark in this presentation. (This is a MediaSite Recording made possible by Instructional Media Services.)

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tip #2: Self-Authorship and the Learning Partnerships Model Defines self-authorship, the journey students take to "define a coherent belief system and identity;" identifies skills associated with self-authorship; describes phases through which students develop; examines how faculty and student life can use the Learning Partnerships Model to help students develop a sense of "internal authorship." Written by Dr. Denise L. Davidson, Counseling and College Student Affairs.

Teaching Tip #3: Assigning Writing Provides several suggestions on what you should consider when developing writing assignments; these tips are useful for all disciplines. Written by Dr. Ted Roggenbuck, Director of Writing Center.

Teaching Tip #5: Grieving College Students Explains the grieving process, how college students may especially experience grief, and potential ways in which faculty can respond to grieving students. Written by Dr. Denise L. Davidson, Counseling and College Student Affairs.

Teaching Tip #6: Information Literacy Defines information literacy, identifies several ways faculty can incorporate information literacy into their courses, points out some challenges to teaching information literacy, and presents some current research on the information literacy skills of BU students compared to national trends. Links to a variety of discipline specific resources are also useful including discipline-specific resources. Written by Linda Neyer, Library Faculty.

Teaching Tip #10: Conducting Virtual Peer Review allows students to review each other's writings outside of face-to-face class time. With guidelines from faculty, students make use of Review functions in Microsoft Word and exchange their papers through BOLT. The advantages? Students learn to collaborate; peer reviewers have a written record of comments to develop writing skills; faculty can more easily determine if the peer review process is effective. Learn more about this three step process outlined by Dr. Timothy Oleksiak, Writing in the Disciplines Coordinator.

Books and Videos Available through the TALE Center

To preview our books, see the attached annotated list. This list can be searched by subject areas listed at the beginning of the pdf document. TALE library books can be checked out.

The TALE Center has audio and video materials, see the attached annotated list for the titles. These audio and video materials can be checked out.

Education Blogs

EDviceExchange Temple University's Teaching and Learning Center Blog on Teaching in Higher Education.

Faculty Focus is a "free e-newsletter and dedicated website [that] publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom -- both face-to-face and online." It is sponsored by Magna Publications. You can sign up for their postings or just visit their home page to read articles or browse by topics; in addition, they have several articles that you can download for free after registering.

Lingua Franca is the The Chronicle of Higher Education's blog for language and writing in academe.

ProfHacker "delivers tips, tutorials, and commentary on pedagogy, productivity, and technology in higher education, Monday through Friday." Free and published by The Chronicle of Higher Education

The "Teaching Carnival" collects blogposts related to higher education and organizes them into themes; published periodically by Wired Campus, a free newsletter from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Each carnival is compiled by faculty in higher education, who include links to the blogs.

Teaching, Leading, Creating at UT's Tenn TLC maintains a blog with useful tips on a variety of teaching topics.

Tomorrow's Professor is a blog that examines a variety of topics related to higher education and is made available through Stanford University's Center for Teaching and Learning.

Wired Campus, an email newsletter about technology and higher education, published by the The Chronicle of Higher Education Monday through Friday. It is available free.

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Free Subscriptions and Newsletters

Essays on Teaching Excellence is published annually by the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (a.k.a. POD Network). This link will provide access to archived copies of the journal and the most recent volume when it becomes available. You will find many interesting ideas about teaching that are discipline specific or applicable to many disciplines.

Faculty Focus is sponsored by Magna Publications. They provide articles and free reports on a variety of topcis about teaching at the university level. You are required to create a login identity.

Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs) "is a biannual newsletter of best teaching practices developed" by MiraCosta faculty. The short articles (1-2 pages) are pdfs with clickable links.

IDEA Center Papers explore numerous topics about teaching at the university level. You can download the PDF version of the papers for free. Recent topics included "Effective Lecturing," "Promoting Deep Learning," and "Strategies to Improve Student Writing." You may want to explore other parts of the IDEA website.

Journal of Digital Humanities "is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal that features the best scholarship, tools, and conversations produced by the digital humanities community in the previous quarter. ... offers expanded coverage of the digital humanities in three ways. First by pubishing scholarly work beyond the traditional research article. Second, by selecting content from open and public discussions in the field. Third, by encouraging continued discussion through peer-to-peer review."

Magna Commons, provided courtesy of the TALE Center, is a one-year site license to access recorded webinars sponsored by Magna Publications. Topics are related to teaching and learning, academic administration, and online education in higher education. Magna Commons is a group subscription and you will need to create an account. Please contact the Julie Wolfe for registration information.

Online Classroom, provided courtesy of the Instructional Media and Design Center. Online Classroom can be useful when contemplating instructional technology choices in face to face classrooms; articles are 1-2 pages in length. Topics cover a variety of instructional technology issues. First time users email Julie Wolfe.

The Teaching Professor, provided courtesy of the TALE Center; articles are 1-2 pages in length selected and edited by Maryellen Weimer, who is an expert in higher education with considerable experience.First time users email Julie Wolfe.

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Journals about Teaching in Higher Education Available through Andruss Library

Please note: you must be a library patron to access these journals. In some cases the library provides several different portals through which you can access the journals electronically; in most cases the link that we provide gives you access to the most current issues of the journal. In some cases, the publisher restricts electronic access to the most recent issues of journals. Therefore, if you are interested in exploring the full range of Andruss Library holdings, you may want to search for the journal titles through Pilot.

General or Interdisciplinary Journals on Teaching

About Campus "is a bimonthly magazine for those who want to thoughtfully examine the issues, policies, and practices that influence the learning experiences of college students." It is sponsored by the American College Personnel Association, yet its audience includes faculty, students, and administrators.

Across the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning, and Academic Writing is "a refereed journal devoted to language, learning, and academic writing, publishes articles relevant to writing and writing pedagogy in all their intellectual, political, social, and technological complexity. Across the Disciplines shares the mission of the WAC Clearinghouse in making information about writing and writing instruction freely available to members of the CAC, WAC, and ECAC communities."

Active Learning in Higher Education “The journal is devoted to all aspects of development, innovations and good practice in higher education teaching and learning, including the use of information and communication technologies and issues concerning the management of teaching and learning.”

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education is an international peer reviewed journal. It publishes articles, reviews and scholarly comment relating to the arts and humanities in higher education.”

Cognition and Instruction “An interdisciplinary journal devoted to cognitive investigations of instruction and learning. Intended to serve as a vehicle of communication among people from the various fields involved in cognitive-instructional research.”

College Teaching “Interdisciplinary articles on issues related to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels; teaching philosophy and practices, teachers' roles, professional development and evaluation, incentives and commentary on articles in the journal.”

Inside Higher Ed, established in 2004, "is the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education."

InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching “Features theoretical and empirically-based research articles, critical reflection pieces, case studies and classroom innovations relevant to teaching, learning and assessment.”

Instructional Science “Includes information related to all aspects of implementing problem-based learning (PBL) in K-12 and post-secondary classrooms.”

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning “Includes information related to all aspects of implementing problem-based learning (PBL) in K-12 and post-secondary classrooms.”

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning “Discusses the scholarship of teaching and learning and its applications in higher/tertiary education today.”

International Journal of ePortfolio "The mission of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) is to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings. The journal’s focus includes the explanation, interpretation, application, and dissemination of researchers’, practitioners’, and developers’ experiences relevant to ePortfolio. It also serves to provide a multi-faceted, single source of information for those engaging in projects and practices associated with ePortfolio." It is "a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal freely available online."

Issues of Teaching and Learning Publications by the University of Western Australia's Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

Journal of Classroom Interaction “Devoted to empirical investigations and theoretical papers dealing with observation techniques, research on student and teacher behavior, and other issues relevant to the domain of classroom interaction.”

Journal of College and Character "is a professional journal with peer reviewed and invited articles that examine how colleges and universities influence the moral and civic learning and behavior of students, both intentionally and unintentionally. The journal publishes scholarly articles and applied research on issues related to ethics, values and character development in a higher education setting."

Journal of College Literacy and Learning "a journal of the International Reading Association's College Literacy and Learning Special Interest Group."

Journal of College Teaching and Learning “Peer-reviewed coverage of all areas of K-12 and college level teaching, learning and administration.”

Journal of Moral Education “An interdisciplinary forum for consideration of all aspects of moral education and development across the lifespan; philosophical analyses, reports and empirical research and evaluation of educational strategies.”

The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL) “A forum for the dissemination of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in higher education.”

Journal of the Learning Sciences “Forum for the presentation of research on training and learning.”

Learning and Individual Differences “A multidisciplinary journal that publishes articles reporting research that makes a substantial contribution to an understanding of individual differences within an educational context.”

Mind, Brain, and Education “Publishes peer-reviewed articles concerned with brain and behavioral issues relevant to the broad field of education; provides a forum for the accessible presentation of basic and applied research on learning and development.”

MountainRise: The International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning “applies scholarly methodologies to the processes of teaching and learning, making that reflection and research public and open to critique, and thereby enabling a body of knowledge to develop, be reviewed and revised, the intellectual foundation, vision and practice of teaching are emphasized and enhanced.”

The Peabody Journal of Education “Publishes symposia in the area of education and human development. Includes work from social scientists, humanists, practitioners and policy makers.”

Syllabus is "a peer reviewed pulication of course syllabis and other teaching material" online and open access.

Teachers College Record “Journal of research, analysis, and commentary in the field of education.”

Teaching in Higher Education “Addresses the roles of teaching, learning and the curriculum in higher education in order to explore and clarify the intellectual challenges which they present.”

To Improve the Academy is an annual publication of the POD (Professional and Organizational Development) Network in Higher Education. The Digital Commons at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has digitized oldest editions of this publication and plans to add more.

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching and Learning Journal “Provides a forum for conversations intended to foster the improvement of adult teaching and learning.”

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Accounting Education (London, England) “Journal on key aspects of accounting education and training of relevance to practitioners, academics, trainers, students, and professional bodies.”

Issues in Accounting Education “Articles, review articles and commentary on various aspects of accounting education.”

Journal of Accounting Education “... is a refereed journal dedicated to promoting and publishing research on accounting education issues and to improving the quality of accounting education worldwide. The Journal provides a vehicle for making results of empirical studies available to educators and for exchanging ideas and instructional resources that help improve accounting education.”

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Anthropology and Education Quarterly "... is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on schooling in social and cultural context and on human learning both inside and outside of schools. Articles rely primarily on ethnographic research to address immediate problems of practice as well as broad theoretical questions. AEQ also publishes on the teaching of anthropology.”

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Art & Art History

International Journal of Art & Design Education "...provides an international forum for the dissemination of ideas, practical developments, and research findings in art and design education. The Journal is a primary source for independently refereed articles about art and design education at all levels.”

International Journal of Education & the Arts "...currently serves as an open access platform for scholarly dialogue. Our commitment is to the highest forms of scholarship invested in the significances of the arts in education and the education within the arts.”

Journal of Aesthetic Education " a highly respected interdisciplinary journal that focuses on clarifying the issues of aesthetic education understood in its most extensive meaning. The journal thus welcomes articles on philosophical aesthetics and education, to problem areas in education critical to arts and humanities at all institutional levels; to an understanding of the aesthetic import of the new communications media and environmental aesthetics; and to an understanding of the aesthetic character of humanistic disciplines.”

Studies in Art Education " a quarterly journal that reports quantitative, qualitative, historical, and philosophical research in art education, including explorations of theory and practice in the areas of art production, art criticism, aesthetics, art history, human development, curriculum and instruction, and assessment. Studies also publishes reports of applicable research in related fields such as anthropology, education, psychology, philosophy, and sociology."

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American Biology Teacher " published by the National Association of Biology Teachers (Reston, VA). It is the official peer-reviewed journal of the National Association of Biology Teachers, issued nine times a year (monthly except June and July; November and December are combined)."

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education "The aim of BAMBED is to enhance teacher preparation and student learning in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and related sciences such as Biophysics and Cell Biology, by promoting the world-wide dissemination of educational materials."

Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching "Presents articles dealing with current advances in the field of biological science for researchers, administrators and teachers. Pub. by Am. Inst. of Biological Sciences (AIBS)."

BioScience "Presents articles dealing with current advances in the field of biological science for researchers, administrators and teachers. Pub. by Am. Inst. of Biological Sciences (AIBS)."

CBE Life Sciences Education "Learning in biology encompasses diverse fields, including math, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, and the interdisciplinary intersections of biology with these fields. Within biology, CBE-LSE focuses on how students are introduced to the study of life sciences, as well as approaches in cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, and proteomics."

Journal of Biological Education "Refereed articles, papers, letters, short news items, and reviews on all aspects of biology published by the Institute of Biology, London."

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Business (General)

American Journal of Business Education "Peer-reviewed coverage of topics such a traditional and new teaching methods, the use of portfolios, rubrics and digital assignments."

Business Education Forum "Includes articles on accounting, basic business, communication, international business, marketing, methods, and technology. Articles of general interest to business educators such as teaching ideas, trends, and current issues are reporting in the Open Forum section of the journal."

Journal of Business Case Studies "JBCS welcomes case studies designed for use in business and economic courses and articles related to the use of case studies in the classroom."

Journal of Business Ethics and Teaching Business Ethics (merged with JBE in 2004) "Publishes only original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning ethical issues related to business that bring something new to the discourse in their field."

Journal of Education for Business "Basic and applied research based articles on significant trends and issues affecting education for business, curriculum development and evaluation and the process of instruction selected through blind review."

Journal of Teaching in International Business "...instructs international business educators in universities and corporations, curriculum developers, and institutions of higher education worldwide on methods and techniques for better teaching to ensure optimum, cost-effective learning on the part of students of international business. The Journal provides a source for ideas and techniques useful in inculcating a global mindset and for developing measures to assess progress in developing such a global mindset."

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education "The aim of BAMBED is to enhance teacher preparation and student learning in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and related sciences such as Biophysics and Cell Biology, by promoting the world-wide dissemination of educational materials."

Journal of Chemical Education "... is the world’s premier chemical education journal. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information as a resource to those in the field of chemical education and to those institutions that serve them. JCE typically addresses chemical content, activities, laboratory experiments, instructional methods, and pedagogies."

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Communication and Mass Communication

Communication Education "Articles on topics related to communication in instructional settings, focusing on the role of communication in the instructional process and teaching communication in traditional academic environments."

Communication Teacher "Coverage of the identification, assessment and promotion of quality teaching practices in the K-12, community college, and university communication classrooms."

Journalism and Mass Communication Educator "Teaching techniques, new courses, and technology, statistical information on students, schools, and careers in journalism."

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Computer Science

Computer Science Education "The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education provides a forum for educators to discuss issues related to the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and courses, as well as syllabi, laboratories, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy."

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Criminal Justice

Journal of Criminal Justice Education "Provides a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of a broad range of issues concerning post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology and related areas."

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Developmental Studies

Journal of Developmental Education "Forum for educators concerned with the practice, theory, research and news of the post-secondary developmental and remedial community."

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Journal of Economic Education "Coverage of original articles on teaching economics, including innovations in teaching techniques, materials, and programs. For instructors of introductory through graduate level economics."

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Journal of Engineering Education "Publishes articles on the field of engineering education, including the knowledge and competencies possessed by engineers, how these are learned and assessed, and how educational methods, materials, infrastructure, and faculty affect learning."

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The Canadian Modern Language Review "Contains articles on pedagogy, applied linguistics, methodology, sociolinguistic classroom techniques, core, basic & French immersion & on English, German, Italian, & Spanish as second languages."

College Composition and Communication "publishes research and scholarship in rhetoric and composition studies that supports college teachers in reflecting on and improving their practices in teaching writing and that reflects the most current scholarship and theory in the field."

College English "is the professional journal for the college scholar-teacher. CE publishes articles about literature, rhetoric-composition, critical theory, creative writing theory and pedagogy, linguistics, literacy, reading theory, pedagogy, and professional issues related to the teaching of English. Each issue also includes opinion pieces, review essays, and letters from readers. Contributions may work across traditional field boundaries; authors represent the full range of institutional types."

ELT Journal "Articles aimed at those professionally involved in the field of teaching English as a second or foreign language. Concerned with the fundamental factors influencing the evolution of the profession and theoretical issues relevant to it."

English Education "... published by the conference on English Education that serves as a forum for the discussion of issues related to: the nature of the discipline, especially as it spans all levels of instruction; and the education and development of English teachers at all levels."

International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching "Articles, notes and discussion, review articles and lists of recently received publications on all problems of general and applied linguistics in their various forms, published in English, French and German."

Kairos " a refereed open-access online journal exploring the intersections of rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy. The mission of Kairos has been to publish scholarship that examines digital and multimodal composing practices, promoting work that enacts its scholarly argument through rhetorical and innovative uses of new media."

Pedagogy "is an innovative journal that aims to build a new discourse around teaching in English studies. Reversing the long history of marginalization of teaching and the scholarship produced around it, it offers a forum for critical reflection and spirited debate."

Research in the Teaching of English "is a multidisciplinary journal composed of original research and scholarly essays on the relationships between language teaching and learning at all levels, preschool through adult. Articles reflect a variety of methodologies and address issues of pedagogical relevance related to the content, context, process, and evaluation of language learning."

TESOL Quarterly "Encourages submission of previously unpublished articles on topics of significance to individuals concerned with English language teaching and learning and standard English as a second dialect."

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Foreign Languages, Language Acquisition, and Linguistics

Bilingual Research Journal "...contains three sections: research and essays, the traditional formats of scholarly discourse; research in practice, which documents the experience of teachers and other practitioners; and book reviews."

The Canadian Modern Language Review "Contains articles on pedagogy, applied linguistics, methodology, sociolinguistic classroom techniques, core, basic & French immersion & on English, German, Italian, & Spanish as second languages."

Foreign Language Annals "Articles on innovative and successful teaching methods, reports of educational research or experimentation or relevant to the concerns and problems of the profession of foreign language teaching. Special articles are occasionally commissioned."

Language Learning & Technology " a fully refereed international journal with an editorial board of international scholars in the fields of second language acquisition and computer-assisted language learning. LLT publishes articles that report on original research or present an original framework that links second language acquisition theory, previous research, and language learning, teaching, and testing practices that utilize technology."

Language Teaching Research "Peer reviewed coverage of investigation and research within the area of second or foreign language teaching. Provides research of both a qualitative and quantitative nature."

Linguistics and Education "Includes articles presenting research and scholarship on all topics related to linguistics and education, including classroom interaction, language diversity in educational settings, language policy and curriculum, written language learning, language disorders, etc."

The Modern Language Journal "Articles on methods, pedagogical research, book reviews and topics of professional interest to all language teachers."

Second Language Research "Promotes research linking second language studies with neighboring disciplines which contribute to the understanding of the psychological mechanisms that guide learners' individual behavior and their interaction with other language users."

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Geography and Geosciences

The Journal of Geography "Provides a forum for educators and scholars to present results from teaching and research that advance our understanding and practice of geographic education from pre-Kindgarten through the post-graduate levels. The Journal publishes articles on instructional approaches, the results of research, lesson plans and teaching activities, and reviews of books, maps, computer software, and other digital products."

Journal of Geography in Higher Education "Provides a forum for geographers and others to discuss common educational interests, to present the results of educational research, and to advocate new ideas."

Journal of Geoscience Education " the premier peer-reviewed publication for geoscience education research at the undergraduate and pre-college levels. JGE is the publication of record for NAGT, and serves as the only international forum for the publication of research concerning the pedagogy, assessment, and philosophy of teaching and learning about the geosciences."

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The History Teacher "Devoted to the teaching of history in the secondary & higher education classroom. It features practical and insightful professional analyses of traditional and innovative teaching techniques."

Teaching History "Essays, feature articles, curriculum update and reviews on all aspects of history published by the Historical Association, London."

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Instructional Technology including Distance and Online Learning

American Journal of Distance Education "Focuses on program ideas and developments in methods and systems for delivering higher and continuing education, and military, corporate, and public schools education through all forms of communication media."

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology "Research and review articles in educational technology, instructional design, educational applications of computer technologies, educational telecommunications and related areas."

Computers and Education "Established technically based, interdisciplinary forum for communication in the use of all forms of computing in this socially and technologically significant area of application."

Educational Technology Research and Development "Reviewed research primarily concerned with education technology; reviews and international reviews."

EDUCAUSE Review "Explores how developments, policies, and people in the field of information technology are influencing higher education institutions today."

E-Journal of Instructional Science and Technology "Multifaceted publication with content likely to be of interest to policy makers, investors, managers, professionals, technical staff, and academics within education and training."

Information Technology Education Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education's (SIGITE) "mission is to provide a forum for the interaction of practitioners, educators, and others in the field of Information Technology Education in order to exchange ideas and engage in activities that advance the knowledge of its members, the curriculum and teaching on Information Technology Curriculum, and the development and transfer of innovative concepts and applications in technology and pedagogy."

Innovations in Education and Teaching International "Focuses on educational & training technology as well as staff & educational development."

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-learning and Learning Objects "The mission of the Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects (IJELLO) is to provide readers around the world with the widest possible coverage of developments in E-Learning and Learning Objects. IJELLO is an interdisciplinary forum that publishes high quality articles on theory, practice, innovation, and research that cover all aspects of E-learning and Learning Objects."

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning "Provides information about the nature, theory, and practice of computer-supported collaborative learning and examines its use in education, business and society."

International Journal on E-Learning "Forum to facilitate the international exchange of information on the current research, development, & practice of e-learning with unique opportunities to enhance learning & teaching in corporate, government, healthcare, & higher education."

Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology This journal "limits its publications to the best papers from InSite conferences."

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks "Aim is to describe original work in asynchronous learning networks (ALN), including experimental results."

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching "Devoted specifically to using information technology in the teaching of mathematics & science. Offers an in-depth forum for the exchange of information in the fields of science, mathematics, & computer science."

Journal of Educational Technology & Society "Explores issues affecting educators & developers of educational systems, including artificial intelligence researchers."

The Journal of Information Technology Education JITE's mission is "to improve IT education around the world ... expose the reader to a variety of epistemologies ... acknowledge and embrace the diversity of teaching and learning models in use around the world."

Journal of Interactive Media in Education "Publishes articles on the theoretical and practical aspects of interactive media in education."

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching "is a peer-reviewed, open access, online publication addressing the scholarly use of multimedia resources in online education. Topics may include, but are not limited to: learning theory and the use of multimedia to improve online learning; instructional design theory and application; online learning and teaching initiatives; use of technology in online education; innovative online learning and teaching practices."

Journal of Research on Technology in Education "Presents articles that report on original research, system or project descriptions and evaluations, syntheses of the literature, assessments of the state of the art, and theoretical or conceptual positions that relate to educational computing."

Journal of Science Education and Technology "Interdisciplinary forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed contributed and invited articles to improve and enhance science education at all levels worldwide."

Journal of Technology Education "...provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. Manuscripts should focus on technology education research, philosophy, and theory. In addition, the Journal publishes book reviews, editorials, guest articles, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously published articles."

Learning, Media and Technology " an international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to stimulate debate on the interaction of innovations in educational theory, practices, media and educational technologies. Media and technologies are interpreted in the broadest sense, to encompass digital broadcasting, the internet and online resources, and other new and emerging formats, as well as the traditional media of print, broadcast television and radio."

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration "is a peer-reviewed electronic journal offered free each quarter over the World Wide Web. The journal welcomes manuscripts based on original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus or implications for the management of distance education programs."

Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning "Reports on the latest developments in distance & continuing education."

Quarterly Review of Distance Education "Publishes articles, research briefs, reviews, & editorials dealing with the theories, research, & practices of distance education."

Technological Horizons in Education (T.H.E. Journal) "Articles, special reports, thematic issues, commentary, software and courseware reviews, product reviews and news on all aspects of using technology in education aimed at professionals in education, computing, industry training and manpower development."

Technology, Pedagogy, and Education "Focuses on the implications of teacher education, both preservice and in-service, in all aspects of information technology."

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Journal of Management Education "...peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is a leading voice in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in management. JME welcomes contributions from all management educators who seek to reflect on their professional practice and to engage readers in an exploration of what or how to teach in order for students to learn and practice effective management."

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Journal of Marketing Education "...provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences related to educating students of marketing and advertising. JMD is the leading peer-reviewed, international scholarly journal publishing articles on the latest techniques in marketing education, emphasizing new course content and effective teaching methods. It also addresses professional issues, including development of the curriculum, career development, and the state of the profession."

Marketing Education Review "Promotes innovative approaches to curricular development, course content & delivery systems, student learning, career development & other issues which are important to marketing faculty."

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Educational Studies in Mathematics "Refereed articles reflecting the variety of research concerns within the field of mathematical education dealing with didactical, methodological and pedagogical subjects."

International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology "Original articles covering a wide range of experience in mathematical education, contents of syllabi and methods of presentation, mathematical models and discussion aimed at the professional in mathematics education."

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education "Promotes and disseminates disciplined scholarly inquiry into the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels, including research reports, book reviews and commentaries."

Mathematics and Computer Education "Provides useful, interesting articles for teachers in colleges."

Mathematics Teacher "Offers activities, lesson ideas, teaching strategies, and problems through in-depth articles, departments, and features. Great resources for secondary teachers, pre-service teachers, and teacher educators."

Mathematics Teacher Education & Development is a publication sponsored by Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA).

PRIMUS Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies "A refereed journal devoted to dialogue and exchange of ideas among those interested in teaching undergraduate mathematics. This includes those who prepare students for college level mathematics, those who teach college level mathematics, and those who receive students who have been taught college level mathematics."

School Science and Mathematics "Articles, commentary and reviews on all aspects of school science and mathematics for members of the School Science and Mathematics Association Inc."

Teaching Mathematics and its Applications "Provides mathematics teachers in secondary and tertiary education with interesting and stimulating material which can be used in the teaching of mathematics."

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Journal of Music Teacher Education " online-only professional development journal published twice a year, offers philosophical, historical, descriptive, or methodological articles related to music teacher education. Some issues offer media reviews and "Perspectives," essays that discuss opinions and viewpoints."

Journal of Research in Music Education " a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal comprising reports of original research related to music teaching and learning. The wide range of topics includes various aspects of music pedagogy, history, and philosophy, and addresses vocal, instrumental, and general music at all levels, from early childhood through adult."

Music Educators Journal "Original articles about all phases of music education in schools and communities, professional philosophy and practical techniques and current teaching and learning aimed at all persons engaged in music teaching or other music educational work."

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Journal of Nursing Education "Provides a forum for original articles and new ideas for nursing educators in various types and levels of nursing programs."

Nurse Educator "Helps readers develop results-oriented approaches for educating students in our changing health-care system."

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Teaching Philosophy "Open forum for the exchange and evaluation of ideas, information, and materials concerning the teaching of philosophy."

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Physical Education & Health Education

American Journal of Health Education is published by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance is published by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education "...features research articles based on classroom and laboratory studies, descriptive and survey studies, summary and review articles, and discussion of current topics of interest to physical educators at every level."

Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education "The official journal refereed publication of the National Recreation and Park Association in cooperation with The University of Georgia and Sagamore Publishing. The Journal aims to disseminate knowledge related to park and recreation courses, curricula, and teaching. Articles address a wide range of issues concerning graduate and undergraduate education."

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Physics and Physical Science

Astronomy Education Review "Is a web-based journal for everyone who works in astronomy and space science education. The journal welcomes research papers, short articles on innovative work, and comparative reviews of resources related to education and outreach."

Physics Education " the international journal for everyone involved with the teaching of physics in schools and colleges."

The Physics Teacher Online "...publishes papers on the teaching of physics, and on topics such as contemporary physics, applied physics, and the history of physics—all aimed at the introductory-level teacher."

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Political Science

Journal of Political Science Education "...has a very comprehensive mission, defined around the central concept of teaching and learning about politics."

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British Journal of Educational Psychology "...has a very comprehensive mission, defined around the central concept of teaching and learning about politics."

Educational Psychologist "The journal provides insightful explorations of new educational concepts and accepted educational practices.”

Journal of Educational Psychology "The main purpose ... is to publish original, primary psychological research pertaining to education across all ages and educational levels. A secondary purpose of the Journal is the occasional publication of exceptionally important theoretical and review articles that are pertinent to educational psychology."

Teaching of Psychology " indispensable as a source book for teaching methods and as a forum for new ideas. Dedicated to improving the learning and teaching process at all educational level, this journal has established itself as a leading source of information and inspiration for all who teach psychology."

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology maintains a website with a variety of useful resources including several eBooks.

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Sciences (General)

International Journal of Science Education " firmly established as the authoritative voice in the world of science education. It bridges the gap between research and practice, providing information, ideas and opinion. It serves as a medium for the publication of definitive research findings. Special emphasis is placed on applicable research relevant to educational practice, guided by educational realities in systems, schools, colleges and universities."

Journal of College Science Teaching "NSTA's award-winning, peer-reviewed journals are geared to the specific needs of science teachers at every level."

Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education "...covers all disciplines in the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture. Educators in extension, universities, industry, administration, and grades K–12, share teaching techniques, concepts, and ideas."

Journal of Research in Science Teaching " the official journal of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching ... seeks to publish the highest quality articles that advance the understanding of science teaching and learning and are likely to have a significant impact on the field of science education and science education policy."

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Social Sciences (General)

Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences "This journal uses the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, politics, relations and social policy to reflect critically on learning and teaching practices in higher education and to analyze their relationship to changes in higher education policies and education. Its research field includes: all aspects of learning and teaching and higher education reform from national and comparative perspectives: evidence based development in curriculum, assessment, learning and teaching methods: and analyses of impacts of institutional and national policies on learning and teaching."

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Social Work

Journal of Social Work Education "...fills a long-standing gap in the social work literature by providing opportunities for creative and able teachers - in schools, agency-based training programs, and direct practice - to share with their colleagues what experience and systematic study has taught them about successful teaching."

Journal of Teaching in Social Work "...fills a long-standing gap in the social work literature by providing opportunities for creative and able teachers—in schools, agency-based training programs, and direct practice—to share with their colleagues what experience and systematic study has taught them about successful teaching. Through articles focusing on the teacher, the teaching process, and new contexts of teaching, the journal is an essential forum for teaching and learning processes and the factors affecting their quality."

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Teaching Sociology "publishes articles, notes, and reviews intended to be helpful to the discipline's teachers. Articles range from experimental studies of teaching and learning to broad, synthetic essays on pedagogically important issues. Notes focus on specific teaching issues or techniques. The general intent is to share theoretically stimulating and practically useful information and advice with teachers."

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The American Statistician " published quarterly and contains timely articles organized into the following sections: Statistical Practice, General, Teacher's Corner, History Corner, Interdisciplinary, Statistical Computing and Graphics, Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials, and Letters to the Editor."

Journal of Statistics Education "...disseminates knowledge for the improvement of statistics education at all levels, including elementary, secondary, post-secondary, post-graduate, continuing, and workplace education."

Teaching Statistics " aimed at teachers of students aged up to 19 who use statistics in their work. The emphasis is on teaching the subject and addressing problems which arise in the classroom. The journal seeks to support not only specialist statistics teachers but also those in other disciplines, such as economics, biology and geography, who make widespread use of statistics in their teaching. Teaching Statistics seeks to inform, enlighten, stimulate, correct, entertain and encourage."

Teacher Education

Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education "...This journal promotes critical analysis of pedagogy across early childhood, primary, secondary and post compulsory education, focusing on: The pre-service and continuing education of teachers, New ideas and innovative practices, The professional development of teachers, Teaching as work, Social and policy contexts of teacher education and New Technology."

Education "Original investigations and theoretical papers dealing with worthwhile innovations in learning, teaching and education at all levels and in every area of education and learning."

Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education " an online, peer-reviewed journal, established and jointly sponsored by five professional associations (AMTE, ASTE, NCSS-CUFA, CEE, and SITE). This is the only joint venture of this kind in the field of teacher education. Each professional association has sole responsibility for editorial review of articles in its discipline."

European Journal of Teacher Education "...provides an opportunity for the dissemination of educational research which investigates theory, policy and practice in teacher education at pre-service and in-service levels predominantly in the countries of Europe."

Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education "...(formerly the Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, JCTE) provides computer and technology education to preservice and inservice teachers. Produced by experts in the field and peer reviewed, JDLTE offers a forum to share information about using technology in teacher education among departments, schools, and colleges of education. JDLTE is published quarterly."

Journal of Education for Teaching " an established international refereed periodical which publishes original contributions on the subject of teacher education. The journal interprets 'teacher education' in the widest sense, to include initial training, in-service education and the broad field of staff development. JET welcomes scholarly discussions of new issues, reports of research projects or surveys of research work in particular fields, and contributions to current debates in teacher education throughout the world, generally or on specific issues."

Journal of Instructional Psychology "publishes original articles dealing with issues related to instruction and educational management and gives preferences to manuscripts focusing on bilingual and multicultural issues, at-risk youth, and educational technology."

Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education "is devoted to research that seeks to improve the education of mathematics teachers and develop teaching methods that better enable mathematics students to learn. The journal covers all stages of the professional development of mathematics teachers and teacher-educators. It serves as a forum for examining institutional, societal, and cultural influences that impact on teachers' learning and ultimately their students learning."

Journal of Science Teacher Education "...serves as a forum for disseminating research and theoretical position statements concerning the preparation and in-service education of science teachers. The journal features pragmatic articles which suggest immediate ways to improve conditions in classroom methods, in-service workshops, and teacher recruitment and retention. In addition, there are data-driven research articles that show evidence of the effectiveness of teaching strategies and interventions, as well as articles describing model science teacher education programs."

Journal of Teacher Education " leading teacher education through the 21st century with timely topics such as field experiences and teacher education; cognitive science and critical thinking; preparing teachers for urban schools; teachers' beliefs; accreditation and certification; selection, retention, and recruitment of minority teachers and teacher leadership; perspectives on leadership; professional ethics in teacher education; and restructuring teacher education."

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education " an international journal concerned primarily with teachers, teaching, or teacher education situated in an international perspective or in an international context ; Teaching and Teacher Education is a multidisciplinary journal, committed to no single approach, discipline, methodology or paradigm."

Reading Improvement "...publishes reports of investigations and creative theoretical papers dealing with every aspect of reading improvement, and at all levels of instruction."

Teacher Education and Special Education "...stimulates and improves the preparation of those who will work with children with disabilities. It offers research on exceptionality and the teaching of exceptional children, as well as the critical issues shaping the future of teacher education. The journal publishes original research, evaluations of personnel preparation programs, and interpretive or critical literature reviews."

Teaching and Teacher Education " an international journal concerned primarily with teachers, teaching, or teacher education situated in an international perspective or in an international context; Teaching and Teacher Education is a multidisciplinary journal, committed to no single approach, discipline, methodology or paradigm."

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Theater & Performance Studies

Theatre Topics "...focuses on performance studies, dramaturgy, and theatre pedagogy. Concise and timely articles on a broad array of practical, performance-oriented subjects (with special attention to topics of current interest to the profession) keep readers informed of the latest developments on the stage and in the classroom."

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Journals about Issues in Higher Education available through Andruss Library


Academe "...seeks to foster exchanges among practitioners, policy makers and scholars and to provide a symposium for comment on leadership and management in higher education."

American Educational Research Journal "...publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes. The Social and Institutional Analysis section focuses on significant political, cultural, social, economic, and organizational issues in education, and the Teaching, Learning, and Human Development section explores the processes and outcomes of teaching, learning, and human development at all educational levels and in both formal and informal settings."

American Journal of Education "...seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of educational scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between educational scholars and practitioners."

The Canadian Journal of Higher Education " a peer reviewed journal. It is intended to serve as a medium of communication among persons directly involved in higher education in Canada, or deeply interested in this field."

Change "Well-known and respected as an opinion magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning, the award-winning Change spotlights trends, provides new perspectives, and analyzes the implications of developments in areas including public policy, financing, and teaching and learning. Articles cover influential institutions and individuals, new teaching methods, finances, governance, and technology. Change is published six times a year with editorial leadership provided by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Editorial content includes columns on important data, new books, and teaching resources; analytical features on national developments in postsecondary education; and other special departments."

Contemporary Issues in Education Research "...seeks to publish reports of empirical studies, expository papers, and critical reviews of research on topics of current interest, reviews of publications about research statistics, and abstracts of graduate student research."

Educational Researcher "...publishes scholarly articles that are of general significance to the education research community and that come from a wide range of areas of education research and related disciplines. Published nine times a year, ER aims to make major programmatic research and new findings of broad importance widely accessible."

Higher Education "Examines educational developments throughout the world in universities, polytechnics, colleges, and vocational and education institutions.  Reports on developments in both public and private higher education sectors. Features contributions from leading scholars from different countries who tackle the problems of teachers as well as students, and of planners as well as administrators.  Presents authoritative overview articles, comparative studies and analyses of particular problems or issues."

Higher Education in Europe "is ... scholarly publication to address current issues and trends in European higher education. The journal will feature methodologically and theoretically incisive papers addressing higher education topics across the European region. Topics of particular interest to EJHE, among others, include those related to mechanisms and forces of regional integration; to the experience of newer member countries of the European Union, in Central and Eastern Europe; to the role of supra-national organizations; and to the peripheral influence of European higher education systems, such as in Turkey, central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa."

Pedagogy, Culture & Society " a fully-refereed international journal that seeks to provide an international forum for pedagogy discussion and debate."

Race, Ethnicity and Education " an interdisciplinary journal which provides a focal point for international scholarship, research and debate. It publishes original and challenging research which explores the dynamics of race, racism and ethnicity in education policy, theory and practice. The journal has quickly established itself as essential reading for those working in this field and especially welcomes writing which addresses the interconnections between race, ethnicity and multiple forms of oppression including class, gender, sexuality and disability. All articles are independently refereed and the journal is supported by a distinguished international editorial panel."

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Administration & Educational Leadership

Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Educational Administration Quarterly "...presents empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues of educational organizations. The journal embraces traditional and emergent research paradigms, methods, and issues. It promotes the publication of rigorous and relevant scholarly work that enhances links among and utility for educational policy, practice, and research arenas."

Educational Leadership " advice on how to help students move from one stage of learning to another."

Higher Education Perspectives " a peer reviewed journal that examines all aspects of higher education, with a focus on Canada. Topics and themes include management and governance of universities and community colleges, and the internationalization and globalization of research, curricula, student body and professoriate. Other themes include academic freedom, tenure, differentiation, history of higher education, issues around professional education and the higher education in the Canadian context."

Higher Education Quarterly "...publishes articles concerned with policy, strategic management and ideas in higher education. A substantial part of its contents is concerned with reporting research findings in ways that bring out their relevance to senior managers and policy makers at institutional and national levels, and to academics who are not necessarily specialists in the academic study of higher education."

Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education "...publishes research and applied scholarship perspectives on current issues in the evaluation or assessment of teachers, administrators, educational specialist positions, and higher education faculty performance. It provides a forum for prominent professionals to discuss, analyze and debate issues crucial to the understanding, implementation, and advancement of effective personnel evaluation policies, programs, and practices."

Journal of Planning Education and Research "...peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is a forum for planning educators and scholars (from both academia and practice) to present results from teaching and research that advance the profession and improve planning practice. The journal covers planning theory, planning practice, and planning pedagogy, as well as disciplines drawn upon by planners such as urban geography, welfare economics, interest-group politics, and policy analysis."

New Directions for Higher Education "Addressed to presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other higher-education decision-makers on all kinds of campuses, New Directions for Higher Education provides timely information and authoritative advice about major issues and administrative problems confronting every institution."

The Department Chair "Written for academic administrators, this award-winning periodical features in-depth articles that deliver sound insight and proven strategies essential for successfully leading an academic department."

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Assessment & Measurement

Applied Measurement in Education " objective is to improve communication between academicians and practitioners. To help bridge the gap between theory and practice, articles in this journal describe original research studies, innovative strategies for solving educational measurement problems, and integrative reviews of current approaches to contemporary measurement issues."

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education " an established international peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers and reports on all aspects of assessment and evaluation within higher education. Its purpose is to advance understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes, particularly the contribution that these make to student learning and to course, staff and institutional development."

Assessment Update " dedicated to covering the latest developments in the rapidly evolving area of higher education assessment. Assessment Update offers all academic leaders up-to-date information and practical advice on conducting assessments in a range of areas, including student learning and outcomes, faculty instruction, academic programs and curricula, student services, and overall institutional functioning."

Educational and Psychological Measurement "...publishes referred scholarly work from all academic disciplines interested in the study of measurement theory, problems, and issues."

Educational Assessment "This international journal investigates and discusses the functions, theories, values and practices of assessment, evaluation and accountability. Coverage includes their impact in schools, higher education and educational systems and their reach into homes and communities."

Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

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Continuing Education & Adult Learning

Adult Education

Adult Education and Development

Adult Education Quarterly " a quarterly scholarly refereed journal committed to advancing the understanding and practice of adult and continuing education. AEQ aims to stimulate a problem-oriented, critical approach to research and practice, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary and international perspectives. Innovative and provocative scholarship informed by diverse orientations and methodologies is encouraged."

Educational Gerontology "This well-respected journal offers up-to-date original research in the fields of gerontology, adult education, and the social and behavioral sciences. Researchers from around the world will benefit from the exchange of ideas for both the study and practice of educational gerontology."

International Journal of Lifelong Education "...provides a forum for debate on the principles and practice of lifelong, adult, continuing, recurrent and initial education and learning, whether in formal, institutional or informal settings. Common themes include social purpose in lifelong education, and sociological, policy and political studies of lifelong education. The journal recognizes that research into lifelong learning needs to focus on the relationships between schooling, later learning, active citizenship and personal fulfillment, as well as the relationship between schooling, employability and economic development."

The Journal of Continuing Higher Education "strives to support continuing higher education by serving as a forum for the reporting and exchange of information based on research, observations, and the experience relevant to the field."

New Horizons in Adult Education

New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development

Studies in Continuing Education "...are a scholarly journal concerned with all aspects of continuing, professional and lifelong learning. It aims to be of special interest to those involved in:continuing professional education, adults learning, staff development, training and development, and human resource development."

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Diversity in Higher Education

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education Publication covering racial issues in higher education.

Feminist Teacher "...provides discussions of such topics as multiculturalism, interdisciplinarity, and distance education within a feminist context. FT serves as a medium in which educators can describe strategies that have worked in their classrooms, institutions, or non-traditional settings; theorize about successes or failures; discuss the current place of feminist pedagogies and teachers in classrooms and institutions; and reveal the rich variety of feminist pedagogical approaches."

Gender and Education " an international forum for discussion of multidisciplinary educational research and ideas that focus on gender as a category of analysis. Contributors should bear in mind that they are addressing an international audience. The journal grew out of a feminist politics and is committed to developing the critical discussion of gender and education in its broadest sense. It is particularly interested in the place of gender in relation to other key social differences and seeks to further feminist knowledge, theory, consciousness, action and debate. We welcome contributions which examine and theorize the interrelated experiences of women and girls and men and boys, and how these shape and are shaped by other social differences."

Journal of Diversity Management "...welcomes manuscripts from authors in academics, business, and government concerning all types of diversity management issues."

The Journal of Negro Education "...a scholarly refereed journal, was founded at Howard University in 1932. It is one of the oldest continuously published periodicals by and about Black people."

New Directions for Institutional Research "...provides planners and administrators in all types of academic institutions with guidelines in such areas as resource coordination, information analysis, program evaluation, and institutional management."

Research in Higher Education

Review of Educational Research "publishes critical, integrative reviews of research literature bearing on education, including conceptualizations, interpretations, and syntheses of literature and scholarly work in a field broadly relevant to education and educational research."

Studies in Higher Education "...welcomes research-based empirical, reflective or synoptic articles dealing with higher education, approached from any perspective or discipline."

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Research on Higher Education

Curriculum Inquiry " dedicated to the study of educational research, development, evaluation, and theory. This leading international journal brings together influential academics and researchers from a variety of disciplines around the world to provide expert commentary and lively debate. Articles explore important ideas, issues, trends, and problems in education, and each issue also includes provocative and critically analytical editorials covering topics such as curriculum development, educational policy, and teacher education."

Educational Review " a leading journal for generic educational research and scholarship. For over half a century it has offered authoritative reviews of current national and international issues in schooling and education. It publishes peer-reviewed papers from international contributors which report research across a range of education fields including curriculum, inclusive and special education, educational psychology, policy, management and international and comparative education."

Educational Studies "Original investigations and theoretical studies in education in the form of reports of experimental research, review articles, shorter notes and discussion."

Higher Education Research and Development is "...refereed journal Higher Education Research and Development is published three times yearly and has a strong international reputation. The central focus of the journal is teaching and learning in all its various forms (eg teaching as the facilitation of learning, teaching as the supervision of postgraduates), but papers on any aspect of the field of higher education are of interest."

Journal of Curriculum Studies "...publishes original refereed contributions on all aspects of curriculum studies (including those derived from historical, philosophical, comparative and policy-related investigations), pedagogic theory, teacher education and development, assessment and evaluation, and the present state of schooling."

Oxford Review of Education "Articles and review articles on the theory and practice of education from scholars throughout the world in disciplines including philosophy, political science, economics, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology and medicine."

Innovative Higher Education " a refereed scholarly journal with a distinguished and internationally known editorial review board. Its editorial goals are: To present descriptions and evaluations of innovations and provocative new ideas with relevance for action beyond the immediate context in higher education;  to focus on the effect of such innovations on teaching and students;  to be open to diverse forms of scholarship and research methods by maintaining flexibility in the selection of topics deemed appropriate for the journal; and to strike a balance between practice and theory by presenting manuscripts in a readable and scholarly manner to both faculty and administrators in the academic community"

Inside Higher Ed " the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education. Whether you're an adjunct or a vice president, a grad student or an eminence grise, we've got what you need to thrive in your job or find a better one: breaking news and feature stories, provocative daily commentary, areas for comment on every article, practical career columns, and a powerful suite of tools to help higher education professionals get jobs and colleges identify and hire employees."

Journal of Educational Change "...publishes important ideas and evidence of educational change. It investigates how men and women, older and younger teachers, students, parents, and others experience change. It also examines the social, economic, cultural, and political forces driving educational change. While presenting the positive aspects of change, the journal raises many challenging questions about educational change as well."

Journal of Further and Higher Education "Reflective debate on teaching and learning quality in the public sector for further and higher education."

The Journal of Higher Education " an international, peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles and book reviews representing the whole field of post-16 education and training. Topic areas include management and administration, teacher education and training, curriculum, staff and institutional development, and teaching and learning strategies and processes. The journal encourages debate on contemporary pedagogic issues and professional concerns within the UK and abroad. The journal is committed to promoting excellence in these fields by providing a forum for the debate and evaluation of a wide range of pedagogic issues and professional concerns."

Liberal Education

Phi Delta Kappan

Quality in Higher Education

The Review of Higher Education "The official journal of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), The Review of Higher Education provides a forum for discussion of issues affecting higher education. The journal advances the study of college and university issues by publishing peer-reviewed articles, essays, reviews, and research findings. Its broad approach emphasizes systematic inquiry and practical implications. Considered one of the leading research journals in the field, The Review keeps scholars, academic leaders, and public policymakers abreast of critical issues facing higher education today."

Teachers College Record "...publishes the very best scholarship in all areas of the field of education. Major articles include research, analysis, and commentary covering the full range of contemporary issues in education, education policy, and the history of education. The book section contains essay reviews of new books in a specific area as well as reviews of individual books. TCR takes a deliberately expansive view of education to keep readers informed of the study of education worldwide, both inside and outside of the classroom and across the lifespan."

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Sociology of Education

British Journal of Sociology of Education " one of the most renowned international scholarly journals in the field. The editorial board of the journal brings together the expertise of leading sociologists and rising academics. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality original, theoretically informed analyses of the relationship between education and society. The Journal has an outstanding record of addressing major global debates about the social significance and impact of educational policy, provision, processes and practice in many countries around the world."

Sociology of Education "provides a forum for studies in the sociology of education and human social development. SOE publishes research that examines how social institutions and individuals' experiences within these institutions affect educational processes and social development. Such research may span various levels of analysis, ranging from the individual to the structure of relations among social and educational institutions. In an increasingly complex society, important educational issues arise throughout the life cycle."

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Student Development

College Student Journal "...publishes original investigations and theoretical papers dealing with college student values, attitudes, opinions, and learning. This includes the areas of undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, and may include selected contributions dealing with college preparation."

Journal of College Student Development "...the largest and leading source of research about college students and the field of student affairs, publishes scholarly articles and reviews from a wide range of academic fields. Since 1959, scholars in student affairs, higher education, sociology, psychology, social work, nursing, business administration, and health sciences have been finding their voice with JCSD."

Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice " the only scholarly quarterly refereed journal devoted exclusively to college student retention issues. The Journal features articles pertaining to current and new theoretical constructs and current research on student retention in higher education. The Journal also provides practitioners a forum to highlight and disseminate to the educatonal community current practices, programs and services which help students persist through academic and personal goal attainment."

New Directions for Student Services "An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual."

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Recommended Readings about the Purpose of Higher Education

Charles W. Anderson, Prescribing the Life of the Mind: An Essay on the Purpose of the University, the Aims of Liberal Education, the Competence of Citizens, and the Cultivation of Practical Reason (1996)

Robert M. Hutchins, "The Great Conversation" (1952)

Richard P. Keeling and Richard H. H. Hersh, We're Losing our Minds: Rethinking American Higher Education (2012)

Robert Leamnson, "Learning, Your First Job" (2002)

Dick Merriman, "The College as a Philanthropy. Yes, a Philanthropy" (October 2010)

Louis Menand, "Live and Learn: Why we have College" (June 2011)

Parker J. Palmer and Arthur Zajonc, The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal (2010)

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