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"So much of what teachers do derives from tradition: we teach as we were taught. To grow and develop as a teacher, it is necessary to regularly look closely and crtically at what we are doing and ask why. ... Growth across the career rests on accepting who I am but never being satisfied with what I do."

Maryellen Weimer, Inspired College Teaching

Teaching Excellence Academy

Faculty Endorsements:

Lauren Mackenzie, Intercultural Communications (4 minute video)

The Teaching Excellence Academy is a great opportunity, whether you’re developing new curriculum or adding new and sharper tools to your teaching toolbox. Sharing experiences and ideas with excellence-minded colleagues away from the demands of the academic term helped improve my Spring 2014 teaching substantially, even with an overload schedule. Kenneth Hall, Marketing

I came to TEA to brainstorm and design a new course with the help of colleagues who similar concerns. I not only got to design the new course with the guidance of productive discussions in an interdisciplinary friendly environment but also ended up learning techniques that I applied in all my courses…What I still do not understand is why such a rewarding experience came with scholarship money to help improve my teaching further... M. Safa Saracoglu, History

The Teaching Excellence Academy is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow faculty and work on course development. Learning strategies from all disciplines renew and refresh classroom methods while providing an undisturbed environment for collaboration. As always, TALE is Swell! Hayden Wimmer, Business Education, ITM, and MIS

The Teaching Excellence Academy was a great opportunity to focus on designing a new course, but I also came away full of new ideas for improving my existing courses. There is nothing like having the time to talk about teaching with interested colleagues from different disciplines. I learned a great deal and got to know people from across campus. I would highly recommend the experience for faculty members at any stage of their careers. Jennifer Oast, History

From participating in the TEA, I acquired a variety of practical ideas for improving my design of courses and for fostering student engagement. Through the sessions, I got to meet and learn from some of the best teachers on campus and also better get to know colleagues from across campus. I have incorporated much of what I learned into my teaching and have continued to work with some of the people I met through TEA. Nancy Giles, Psychology

The Teaching Excellence Academy offered me a chance to bring a really new perspective to my teaching pedagogy. I found the material and the colleague interactions very enriching. Christina Francis, English

Teaching Excellence Academy Fellows, January 2015

Left to Right: Phil Rippke, Deb Walberg, Ruth Beerman, Brian Johnson, Mohammad Uddin, Lauren Mackenzie, Beth Rogowsky, Shana Smith, John Barrett, Robin Drogan, Jenn Haney, Timothy Oleksiak, Dave Kube, Alana Atchinson with Max

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Alana Atchinson, Social Work Redesign: Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities
John Barrett, Academic Enrichment Design: Pop Culture, Media and Visual Literacy in the Developmental Classroom
Ruth Beerman, Communication Studies Redesign: Public Speaking
Robin Drogan, Exceptionality Programs Redesign: Effective Instructional Practices for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities
Jennifer Haney, Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences Design: Geography of Terrorism
Brian Johnson, Academic Enrichment Design: Pop Culture, Media and Visual Literacy in the Developmental Classroom
Dave Kube, Art and Art History Design: Graphic Web Design
Lauren Mackenzie, Communication Studies Design: Intercultural Communication
Timothy Oleksiak, WID Coordinator and English Design: Writing and Evaluating of Technical Manuals
Phil Rippke, Communication Studies Redesign: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Beth Rogowsky, Teaching and Learning Design: Research in Education
Shanna Smith, English Design: Black Women Writers
Mohammad Riaz Uddin, Finance Design: Fixed income Securities
Deb Walberg, Art History Design: Clothes Maketh the Man (Or Woman): Art, Fashion, and Folk Tradition
TEA Fellows
Teaching Excellence Academy Fellows, January 2014

Front Row: Sue O'Donnell, Mary Nagy, Mindy Andino, Candice Klingerman, Doreen Jowi, Tom Klinger

Back Row: Hayden Wimmer, Ken Hall, Bill Schwindinger, John Hintz, M. Safa Saraçoğlu

Click here for January 2014 Agenda
Mindy Andino, Counseling and College Student Affairs Redesign: Multicultural Counseling
Ken Hall, Management and Marketing Design: Customer Relationship Management
John Hintz, Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences Design/Redesign: Geography and Planning or Environmental Geoscience
Doreen Jowi, Communication Studies Design: Medical Communication
Thomas Klinger, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Design: Tropical Coastal Conservation
Candice Klingerman, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Redesign: Animal Behavior
Mary Nagy, Communication Studies Design: Conflict Management and Resolution
Sue O’Donnell, Art and Art History Design: Graphic Print/Book Design
M. Safa Saraçoğlu, History Design: First Year Seminar: Myths of the Middle East
William Schwindinger, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Redesign: Introduction to Pharmacology
Hayden Wimmer, ITM Design: Intra-Organizational ERP Systems
Teaching Excellence Academy Fellows, January 2013
Front Row: Cynthia Surmacz, Mary Nicholson, Kristin Pelczarski, Cynthia Venn
Back Row: Stephanie Schlitz, Jennifer Venditti, Angela Hess, Craig Young, Kevin Ball

January 2013 Agenda
Kevin Ball, Psychology New Course Design: Drugs and the Nervous System
Angela Hess, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Redesign: Enhancing critical thinking and problem solving skills through a flipped classroom approach to Animal Cell Physiology (Biology 472)
Mary Nicholson, Instructional Technology Redesign: INSTTECH 586 Blended eLearning course
Kristin M. Pelczarski, Audiology and Speech Pathology Redesign: Phonology and Articulation Disorders
Stephanie A. Schlitz, English Grammar (English 212)
Cynthia Surmacz, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Redesign: Concepts in Biology I
Jennifer Venditti, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Redesign Endocrinology and Human Biology
Cynthia Venn, Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences Development of Active Learning Exercises to Enhance a General Education Course in Oceanography
Craig A. Young, Early Childhood and Adolescent Education Redesign: Language Arts and Literacy in Diverse Early Childhood Settings; Practicium in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
TEA Fellows 2012
Teaching Excellence Academy Fellows, May 2012.
Front Row: Barbara Wilson, David Magolis, Ted Roggenbuck.
Back Row: Kali Fedor, Jennifer Oast, Kathleen Foreman, Jeff Brunskill, Christina Francis.

May 2012 Agenda.
Jeff Brunskill, Geography & Geosciences Syllabus Redesign of GIS (Geography 360)
Kali Fedor, Early Childhood & Adolescent Education Syllabus Redesign of Teaching Social Studies
Christina Francis, English Syllabus Design Liberal Arts Seminar: "We Are Cyborgs"
Kathleen Foreman, Developmental Instruction Syllabus Redesign of Writing II
David Magolis, Mass Communications Syllabus Redesign in Mass Communications
Ted Roggenbuck, English & Writing Center Director Syllabus Redesign of Theory and Practice of Writing
Jennifer Oast, History Syllabus Design Liberal Arts Seminar: "Food is Revolutionary"
Barbara Wilson, Exceptionalities Syllabus Redesign of Special Education 417 Behavior Intervention and Support
TEA Fellows
Teaching Excellence Academy Fellows, May 2011.
Front Row: Jennifer Johnson, Anne-Dyer Stuart, Joan Miller, Nancy Giles.
Back Row:
John Barrett, Brian Johnson, Carol Lengel, Jennifer Whisner, Michael Martin, Marianna Wood, Patricia Beyer.

May 2011 Agenda
John Barrett, Developmental Instruction and English Syllabus Redesign and Teaching Innovation: Teaching Writing in Developmental Math and Writing
Patricia Beyer, Geography and Geosciences
Jennifer Whisner, Geography and Geosciences
Syllabi Redesign for Water-related Courses: Water Resources Management; Surface Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology
Nancy Giles, Psychology Syllabus Design: Middle Childhood Cognitive Development
Brian C. Johnson, Developmental Instruction Syllabus Design: Developmental Media Literacy Introductory Writing
Jennifer A. Johnson, Psychology Syllabus Design: Sensation and Perception (psychology seminar)
Carol Lengel, Early Childhood and Adolescent Education Syllabus Redesign: Teaching Science and Environmental Education
Michael Martin, English Syllabus Redesign: Writing Courses
Joan F. Miller, Nursing Syllabus Design: Good Work (values course for Honors Program)
Anne Dyer Stuart, English Syllabus Redesign: Foundations of College Writing
Marianna D. Wood, Biological and Allied Health Sciences Syllabus Redesign: Biology 115 (Concepts in Biology)