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Student Standards

University Policies

Academic Integrity Policy (PRP 3512)

Academic Examination Policy (PRP 3516)

Faculty Handbook

General Education Requirements (PRP 3612)

Grades, Quality Points, and Quality Point Averages (PRP 3512)

Required Format for Master Course Syllabi (PRP 3233)

External Resources

The Elements of Teaching

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning (Harvard University)

For Your Consideration: Suggestions and Reflections on Teaching and Learning

Center for Faculty Excellence at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Pedagogy in Action

The Science Education Resource Center Portal for Educators

Preparing to Teach

Center for Teaching Excellence (University of Kansas)

Resources on Teaching and Learning

Ken Bain's What the Best College Teachers Do

Scholarly Teaching

Teaching and Learning Hub, The University of Auckland

Self-Paced Tutorials

Center for Teaching and Learning (University of Minnesota)

Solve a Teaching Problem

Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence (Carnegie Mellon University)


John Immerwahr, Villanova University (provides strategies and resources for teaching introductory courses)

Teaching Tips

The Teaching Resource Center (University of Virginia)