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BU's Presidential Leadership Program makes a great starting point for your college career
and beyond.

Knoebels Trip 2008

PLP members Jon Palumbo & Meredith Womer
enjoying Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park

Our Goals:
:: to further develop students' leadership potential
:: to create a rich and supportive residential learning community
:: to challenge students to think critically about real-world problems
:: to provide opportunities for students to develop and utilize problem-solving strategies
:: to engage students on campus and in the community through meaningful service
:: to enhance students' communication and career planning skills


Caleb, Dean



PLP members scaling the Climbing Wall at Camp Victory


Gingerbread House


"I have chosen to focus not only on my school education, but also the education that I can gain by being involved, getting to know people, and giving back to others. I feel that PLP, especially, not only allows me to reach out to others in the community service projects that we do, but it also allows me to expand on my leadership skills. There are always new insights I can use when learning how to help and reach out to others."
Dana Gulden, '02




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